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Keep Your Turf Looking Pristine!

Keep your artificial turf looking pristine with OxyTurf, our specialized cleaning products designed for turf maintenance. OxyTurf effectively removes dirt, debris, and pet odors, ensuring your turf remains fresh and hygienic. Safe and easy to use, our powerful formula is tough on stains but gentle on your turf, making it the perfect solution for maintaining a beautiful and clean outdoor space. Choose OxyTurf for reliable and efficient turf care.2

Benefits of Using OxyTurf

OxyTurf eliminates odors on turf and many other surfaces with one-step cleaning that requires no pre-cleaning. It effectively removes harmful debris and cuts through tough grease and grime without the need for scrubbing, leaving your turf spotless without a dull residue. OxyTurf also controls the growth of fungi and mold, providing a bleach-free and safe solution for daily use.

Benefits of Using OxyTurf

OxyTurf is designed to perform as Maximum Strength Cleaner-Deadorizer. It cuts past the top synthetic turf layer, into the infill and backing where odors and grime live and multiply, and attacks these contaminants at their course. Applied through an OxyTurf Sprayer, or any type of sprayer, OxyTurf will clean and deodorize synthetic turf, and many other surfaces in just minutes, without any hazardous chemicals.

Why OxyTurf Works So Well

OxyTurf works exceptionally well due to its powerful, bleach-free formula that tackles tough grime and odors with ease. It simplifies maintenance with one-step cleaning, requiring no pre-cleaning and effectively removing harmful debris. Designed to leave no dull residue, OxyTurf also controls the growth of fungi and mold, ensuring your turf stays fresh and clean. Safe for daily use, OxyTurf provides a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining pristine artificial turf.

Want More Info?

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