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Evergreen starter is a luxurious turf renowned for its remarkable softness. It presents a heavenly, airy surface that gives the sensation of effortlessly floating on top of a cloud. Evergreen Starter adds a touch of opulence, providing a delightful sensation underfoot and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space.


Approximate Total Weight: 56 oz.

Approximate Pile Height: 1.26 in.

Backing: Polyurethane

Fiber: Polyethylene

Infill: 1-1.15 lbs/psf

Warranty: 16 Years

Roll Width: 15 ft

Blade Shape: C

Blade Type: T-Blade

Introducing T-Blade Technology, which represents the standard in blade design, complemented by C4 yarn quality. T-Blade employs a fundamental approach, merging base materials through conventional extrusion techniques to fortify fiber strength and durability. It maintains a solid performance in longevity, offering resilience against typical wear and tear. Additionally, T-Blade provides reliable heat resistance, protecting against color fading under normal temperature conditions.